About Me

My name is Dana Beasley Brown. I am running to become your new Bowling Green City Commissioner.

Growing up in the Beasley Family meant cramming our family of eight into a car made for six. You could hear our car coming from miles away and smell it hours after we left. Our back-to-school shopping happened on the living room floor from trash bags full of donated clothing.

If you peeked inside the too-thin walls of our little trailer, and peered between the layers of sleeping bags and mattress picked up off the side of the road, you would find a little girl, awake, worrying about tomorrow. You would see the worry lines already becoming etched on her forehead.

Though my family was poor in resources, it was rich in faith, hope, and love. This crucible of poverty and love shaped me into the woman I am today. My parents were believers in God and the American Dream. However, after watching my parents’ dreams get repeatedly crushed, I resolved that I would not dream.

As soon as I was old enough, I began to work alongside my father doing back breaking work. When I was old enough to get my license, I began working full-time as a waitress. Working everyday in high school did not leave much time for extracurricular activities or scholarship applications.

Adversity is funny, however. No matter how hard I tried to crush it, I could not stop hoping and dreaming for a better life for my family and for families like mine. My mother’s tears over her bible created a fire in me that poverty could not put out.

I resolved to devote my life to fight for hard-working families trying to build a better life. I wanted to fight so little girls could go to sleep without worrying about tomorrow.

I dared to dream. I applied to and was accepted into WKU. With the help of received Pell Grants, I graduated in 2004 with honors and a degree in Communications and Political Science. After graduating, I got married and moved to Wilmore, Kentucky with my husband Jason, who attended seminary there. Eleven years ago, we moved back to Bowling Green to serve in a local church and raise our family. We now have two children, Stockton, age 10, and Evangeline, age 8.

I have given my life to serve our community. I currently serve as the Assistant Coordinator in the Youth Services Center at Bowling Green Junior High.  Over the past decade, I have worked with faith leaders, social workers, educators, business leaders, students, and families in our community to create a better quality of life for Bowling Green. I founded the Bowling Green Housing Coalition (now the Homeless & Housing Coalition) and served as the grant writer and editor-in-chief of the Barren River Area Renter’s Handbook Project. I have been blessed to witness our community’s generosity, leadership, and creativity for public problem-solving. I look forward to serving Bowling Green in this new capacity as we build our future together.